Thursday, August 19, 2010

Welcome to Code It Already!

We’re two software developers from a mid-sized group in a big-sized company in Southern California. We eat, drink and sleep .net technologies at work, and frankly we quite like them.  That said, we're interested in all kinds of programming and everything that goes on around it.  We’re starting this blog as a way of documenting the things we learn through our experiences and also encouraging ourselves to learn something new on a day to day basis…and hopefully somewhere along the way we will end up helping other developers around the world solve problems, discover new solutions or just contribute something valuable to the software development community.  A big shout out to bloggers like Jeff Atwood, Joel Spolsky, Scott Hanselman and the likes for inspiring us to get up sit down and start writing! We'll be talking about programming, productivity, and other applicable tech topics.  Anyway, we’re looking forward to sharing what we have learned and sharing our excitement for this ever growing software industry.  Watch here for some (hopefully) interesting articles and maybe some lively discussion as well, but for now

Code it Already!

Here’s a little more details about ourselves:

Annie Tsai


  • UCSD, Computer Science, 2005
Programming pet-peeves
  • In terms of code -misspelling of variable name.
  • In terms of behavior - when other developers touch my monitor with their oily fingers.
Favorite programming fuel
  • Starbucks caramel macchiato.
Other loves
  • Photography, you might catch me blogging about this every now and then.

T.J. Barbour

sunglasses head




  • SDSU, Computer Engineering, 2006
  • UCSD Computer Science 2007 - ???
Programming pet-peeves
  • Wet code (you know, when its not DRY?)
  • Slow computers
  • And any IDE that doesn't start with Visual and end with Studio.
Favorite programming fuel
  • Freezing ice cold water, like too cold, ouch, my teeth... 
  • Will also accept iced coffee.
Other loves
  • PIXAR, for their continued success, and
  • San Diego Sports for their continued stress
Our Code Heroes

Thanx! – Code It Already

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